Reina Chrust has affinity for antiques and a love for vintage books. She travels to HiHo from New Jersey always arriving with new treasures and great enthusiasm. Reina has been in the business of antiques for over 30 years, working estate sales, appraising, and like most dealers, collecting. She has a hearty laugh and adores her animals.

Catherine Boyd is the newest member of the HiHo family. She is a talented upholsterer selling and showcasing her work on the second floor of HiHo. Caty has been reupholstering furniture for 20 years, working on antique and vintage pieces using the highest quality supplies and techniques.

Carla Davidoff is a free spirit, indulging herself with her passion for all things vintage. Her large case of costume jewelry is playful and intriguing. Carla has an eye for fun and colorful pieces, making a visit to her space always a surprise. She frequents the shop with her son in tote, often hunting a treat to quench her sweet tooth.

Carol Jarvis; the aspiring artist, the avid recycler and the professional estate shopper, takes her role as a retailer here at HiHo very seriously. Working to hone her merchandising skills and purchasing in color pallets for the season, Carol enjoys time spent at HiHo like a favorite hobby. She finds pleasure in the smallest of trinkets.

Barbara Shulkin is a dealer with a steady flow of merchandize, jewelry, linens, glass, artwork, furniture and known for her great prices. Vintage formal handbags are a favorite of Barbara’s, reveling her fun loving, party girl side. Cheery and thoughtful Barbara never remembers her eyeglasses as she exits, but we love knowing she will be back.

Chris Rowe’s quiet approach to antiquing is reflected in her thoughtful placement of merchandise in her small, but sweet space at HiHo. Dabbling in jewelry, collectibles, glassware, wall art and china, Chris offers an assortment of items perfect for gifting. When stopping in, Chris is focused on the task at hand; she is the best of good listeners.

Mimi Trapani is HiHo’s floral arranger. The amazing arrangements throughout the shop are created by Mimi.
Chipper, even silly sometimes, Mimi enjoys life.

Gardiner Association of Businesses; a gateway to live, work, and play in beautiful Gardiner

Maplestone Inn; a Bed and Breakfast where the comforts of the present honor the past in an old stone farm house

Bernetta’s Place; a pet friendly Bed and Breakfast featuring home decor from HiHo!

Inn at the Ridge; a pet friendly Bed and Breakfast with a casual, homey atmosphere

Country Meadows; a spacious country-contemporary Bed and Breakfast, the perfect artist’s haven

Like cars? You’ll love Pop Your Hood!

Shawangunk Wine Trail; Ten family owned wineries from New Paltz in Ulster County to Warwick in Orange County

Gardiner Library; Serving the residents of the Town of Gardiner NY